Vee-Go GrowTM

Plant and Soil Revitalizer 



Vee-Go Grow is a revolutionary plant and soil revitalizer that acts like medicine for your plants and soil by enabling the soil to heal itself, resulting in vigorous and energized plant growth. Using Vee-Go Grow results in fewer stressed or diseased plants, shorter harvest times by up to 30%, and increased crop yields by as much as 200%.


Vee-Go Grow is an organic product that is safe and effective for use on Turf, Trees, Shrubs, Fruit, Vegetable and Grain crops. Vee-Go Grow also works exceptionally well on garden flowers and house plants, resulting in fantastic floral brilliance and aroma.


Vee-Go Grow is extremely effective in releasing the dormant bounty of nutrients that are bound up in the soil, making them available to plant roots. Vee-Go Grow assists the soils healthy microbes in their effort to suppress the undesirable soil borne diseases. Vee-Go Grow helps in the complete break-down of undigested organic matter in the soil. Vee-Go Grow can help protect plant roots from the burning effect caused by synthetic fertilizers and assist the soils native microbes in forming a union or synergy with the roots, allowing the plant to take up just as much nutrients as it requires for optimum growth. When used as a foliar spray it stimulates healthy growth within a few hours after application.


Benefits of using Vee-Go Grow

Increased germination with less mortality

Increased root mass

Improved nutrient availability

Increased yields

Helps repair fertilizer/salt damaged soils

    and releases bound nutrients

Promotes plant resistance to disease as

    well as extreme weather conditions

All this for $37.50 per acre or less!