Vee-Go Biochar Xtra is produced by a proprietary pyrolysis reaction within a vacuum at Temperatures in the lower range typical of industrial pyrolysis reactions.    We use only agricultural biomass AS feedstocks - never  industrial Or municipal wastes.


Our exclusive process has numerous advantages:


Ø     Zero emissions and no toxic feedstocks

Ø     Environmentally friendly

Ø     Captures all volatile substances to maximize biofuel outputs

Ø     Produces the finest biochar possible

Ø     Assures high porosity and surface area of biochar

Ø     Has a carbon negative footprint

Ø     Produces biochar that is a 7-3-7 fertilizer

Ø     Biochar has an extraordinary carbon content of 87% of dry weight

Ø     Produces an activated biochar that binds to and renders

     surface aflotoxins harmless



Percent Carbon

Desired in Soil

Amount of

Biochar Xtra

Amount of Soil

To be added

Mix Possible

Per 10 Qt. Bag


1 Cup

14.50 Cups

671 Cups


1 Cup

8.25 Cups

382 Cups


1 Cup

5.50 Cups

254 Cups

                       Research shows maximum biochar effects at 6% to 8% carbon content by weight in soils.


                                                                               CONTAINS 10 DRY QUARTS  (11 LITERS)



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Biochar is one of the most exciting substances available in the agricultural and environmental industries for a number of reasons. It helps reverse global warming by removing CO2 global warming gas from the atmosphere and returning or sequestering it to the earth for millennia.  Biochar can increase the yield of home gardens and farmland by as much as 400% depending on the soil being farmed. It can increase the efficiency of fertilizers by as much as 300% and significantly increase the nitrogen uptake of plants. It reduces the amount of global warming nitrogen gases and CO2 released into the atmosphere by agricultural land. Biochar helps the soil retain water, reducing the need for irrigation and creates a bioactive oil that is more resistant to erosion.  It provides a breeding ground for numerous beneficial micro-organisms and other lifeforms that contribute to the nutrient content of foods. This enables barren soils to become fertile and promotes the growth of nutrient dense crops with significant health benefits. Biochar becomes even more effective when mixed with rock dust and other minerals, micro-organisms or trace elements  It can help home gardeners produce the most plentiful, nutrient dense, and healthy crops possible.


Vee-Go’s Biochar Xtra (VBX) provides all of the above benefits and provides a carbon content of 87% of dry weight, an extraordinary amount when compared to other biochars or charcoals. VBX is also a 7-3-7 fertilizer, yet has one other very important characteristic. Because it is highly active and carbon intensive, VBX has been shown to adsorb and neutralize toxic fungi that live on the soil and plague grain farms everywhere. VBX has also been tested and found to be a suitable replacement for coal in generation facilities.