Vee-Go™ strives to produce high value agricultural and energy products while maintaining the lowest carbon footprint possible. Our goal is to use local raw materials and by-products whenever possible.

Vee-Go™ currently produces Green Cat All Natural Pet Litter™, Vee-Go Biochar Xtra™, and Vee-Go SRL Soil Conditioner 

Green Cat All Natural Pet Litter™ is an all natural product made from the wheat chaff produced when milling wheat grains into flour. Green Cat is made for Vee-Go™ by local family farmer owned cooperatives. All raw materials are sourced from within a one hundred mile radius of Vee-Go's offices in Easthampton, MA.

Vee-Go's Biochar Xtra™ is a high carbon char produced by a catalytic vacuum pyrolysis process licensed by Sustainable Power Corp, a Vee-Go affiliated company. By converting agricultural waste products into Vee-Go Biochar Xtra™, we are removing global warming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and returning it to the earth.  By doing this, we are able to reverse global warming and provide important soil nutrients enabling farmers to grow nutrient dense crops of unequaled taste and quality.

Vee-Go SRL Soil Conditioner is a remarkable, all natural product that may alter agriculture in profound ways. SRL is able  to detoxify soils, renew depleted soils while improving biological activity, and increase output yields and nutritional density. Suitable for organic growers too!

As an E2M Certified company, Vee-Go is donating ten percent of its corporate equity and profits to local communities through the E2M Regional Economic Council.

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